Monday, July 9, 2012


Thanks Ashish for sharing MACRONI recipe......


Hi guys if wanna have gud macroni then follow the following steps:-

1) Take the non stick pan but it should be deep enough
2) Put some oil and simultaneously take another pan for boiling macroni
3) add green chill, ginger and garlic paste to oil and fry it till it becomes light brown in shade and then add chopped onions and capsicum in gud quantity.
3) Then add salt, blackpepper and ajeeromotto.
4) Check the condition of macroni a.d make sure that macroni should be boiled to semi raw condition once it would be boiled and put the macrobi in strainer and wash the macroni with cold water and then put it in the frying pan
3) Add tomato sauce, fresh creme, soya sauce,vinegar, chilli sauce and leaves of mint

4) Mix everything properly and ready to eat

Yummmmmmy — with Ashish Ahuja

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